Overall INOG-PS Operations Services is looking to provide Value Added support to Customers. In this highly competitive IT&T world of Managed Services getting a leading edge over competitors can mean the difference between business success and failure.
INOG focuses on providing:

  1. Quick Time To Market
  2. World Class Network Performance
  3. Jump Start Service Implementations
  4. “Hit the Ground Running”
  5. Generating Service Revenues Faster
  6. Network Operations Quality Processes
  7. Allow time to train new Management & New Hires

Central to all INOG services is the aim of:

  1. OPEX (Operating Expense) savings by maximizing work flow & personnel efficiency
  2. OPEX savings through personnel reduction and improvements including centralized maintenance (eTOM/ITIL functions)

Operations Support
INOG has access to skilled Managed Service experts who specialize in Network Operations Center Start up or Transition projects.
With a focus on “speed to market” essential for an early return on investment (ROI), we offer the following Support Services for new start or existing operators:

Operations Architecture

  • Operations Support Systems Recommendations
  • Operations Support Systems / Business Support Systems Planning

Operations Planning

  • Organizational Design Recommendations
  • Staffing & Training Plans Development
  • People, Process, Technology Interface Planning

Operations Process Engineering

  • Business Process Development
  • Process Flow Diagrams & Narratives Development
  • Methods & Procedures Development
  • Operations Documentation
    Plan Development
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA) Development

Integration / Customization – Operations Support Systems

  • OSS Integration, Verification Testing and Acceptance
  • OSS Customization, Inter-operability Testing and Acceptance
  • Network Validation Testing Services (NVT)
  • Network Acceptance on
    behalf of the Customer

Network Operations Center Environment Preparation

  • Work Center Floor Plan Development
  • Work Center Furnishing Recommendations

Operations Readiness Testing

  • Readiness Test Plans, Scenarios, Scripts Development
  • Test Execution, Validation, Modification for “Ready For Service”

Knowledge Transfer

  1. On the Job Training & Mentoring
  2. Customized Knowledge
    Building Programs
  3. Formal Vendor Training Organized

Operations Staffing

  • Job Description Assistance
  • Customer Candidate Interviewing
  • Experienced Operations Resourcing

Operations Center Transition

Although the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services maybe outsourced for a number of years to an operator, the Service Provider may decide to bring the O&M services back “in house” for a variety of reasons. INOG can support the Service Provider make this transition smooth and uninterrupted to “Business as Usual” operations by:

  1. Transition Planning
  2. Documentation Transfer to Customer
  3. Operations and Maintenance Transfer to Customer
  4. Assett Transfers