INOG recommends centralized operations of Networks, and below is a typical structural model of responsibilities.


Operations Standards:
INOG supports and develops all its processes, procedures and operations designs based on the international standards offered by:

Both Standards have similarities and parallels in the operations environment. The following table illustrates those services:

Similarities and Differences




Telco enterprise model


IT / ICT Service Management

ITU international standard


ISO/IEC international standard

Enterprise-wide Process Framework


 Set of best practices

Hierarchical catalogue of process elements


 Process guidance

Blueprint for process direction for Service Providers


Best Practice Framework, that can then be applied within enterprises

Common language to describe processes


Mechanisms to deliver controlled and optimisable services

Standardised vocabulary


Standardised vocabulary

Whether the Managed Services is operated under ITIL or eTOM, the Operations Services required are illustrated in the following model: