INOG provides a full range of offers in the Managed Services environment to support Service Providers become world class operators.
For new opportunities we can assist you to identify, investigate and produce proposals through the following services:

  1. Outsourced Managed Services Proposals
  2. Network Operations Center Planning
  3. Build, Operate & Transfer proposals
  4. RFP/RFI O&M evaluations & response
  5. O&M Scope of Work development
  6. Pre-Purchase O&M Presentations &
  7. Customer / Supplier Negotiations Support

Program Management
To set up a new operations environment or manage change in existing operations then management of the project is essential.
INOG can support your project through:

New Start & Lifecycle Operations
INOG can also provide the expertise to build a new Network Operations Centre by tailoring documentation to suit the technology being operated, or enhance, modify and assess existing operations processes for improvements.
Some of the services we offer include:

Process Engineering

  • Functional Requirements Assessment
  • Process Flow Diagrams & Narratives
  • Methods & Procedures Development

Operations Reviews

  • Operations Needs Analysis
  • Operations Readiness Test
  • Operations Life Cycle Review
  • SLA/KPI Reviews

Performance Improvement

  • Performance Assessment
  • Process Assessment
  • Staff Assessment
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA) investigations

Disaster Planning & Recovery

  1. Site Risk Assessment
  2. Disaster Management Communications Plan
  3. Disaster Recovery Plan
  4. Disaster Recovery Simulation

Customer Relationship Management PLANNING & SUPPORT
Ongoing relationships with Customers, Sales and Marketing (introduction of new products/services) is vitally important to maintain a leading edge over competitors in the IT and Telecommunications environment.
INOG understands the need to maintain strong relationships with stakeholders and offers the following services to ensure operators maintain their leading edge.